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The Journal of a Lazy Tomboy

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Well, there isn't to much to me. All you really need to know is that I am an avid anime, game, manga fanatic and spend way to much time talking about them--reading them and contributing to fanfics to their fandoms. This journal will mostly contain my fanfics, but an occassional random post will come here and there--often containing rather silly things. So yeah, don't take this journal to seriously. As far as personality goes and such, I am usually a very calm and serene person, perferring to sit back and relax rather then get hiped up about something. I am introverted to a fault and can by shy in some cases, but I am mostly confident about who I am and what I am planning to do with my life. I am a girl with ambition--but not without my own faults of being highly sensitive and prone to depression. As far as friending goes, I will generally accept anyone, just be ensured that we have at least something in common or we're into the same fandoms. Oh, and if you like Odin Sphere then that's a major plus.

Credit For the icons pikakao for the Odin Sphere Icons, _facade for the Hiro icons.