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09 November 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Like I have been stating for some time now. I am participating in Nano for this November, it has been quite hectic. I have been swinging between plot lines for the first nine days and barely have gotten anything done. So after some long consideration, I just decided to settle and write a Naruto story. It will be very much easier to do then anything else, and I know Naruto pretty much inside and out.

Of course the main star of the story will be Hinata. I am very inspired to write her because of seeing her in the recent Naruto episode, she looked absolutely adorable. So anyhow as I don't want to exactly give away the plot just yet (actually I am just to lazy to type it all here) I am just trapped in between making the story Nejihina or KibaHina....sorry I don't due NaruHina, though a hint of it will be in the story. While I am more comfortable and suited in writing KibaHina, Neji over all will add more depth and feeling to the story. As in the problems Hinata faces also in some way effect Neji as well. So I am torn, but am leading more towards NejiHina at this moment.
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06 November 2007 @ 03:01 pm
My computer is severely broke so I wasn't able to write an entry. I feel like I haven't properly been on the internet for so long, I was being to feel like I was suffering from withdrawal. Anyhow, some new things I am doing. Currently I am playing Wild Arms 5, the game is awesome. Dean (the main character) looks so delicious in his tight cow boy pants, I can not resist drooling over him. Also as far as anime goes Death Note right now is taking over my brain. I feel so bad because my friend told me about the series last year and I just ignored her thinking that Death Note just wasn't going to be my thing. For one I was pretty much in my Naruto-fixed and any other anime was thrown to the way side. I deeply regret ignoring her, because Death Note is the best thing next to fried chicken. School is killing me, but I am managing a good record of 4 A's and 2 B's, so I tend to keep it that way all through out the year.
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13 October 2007 @ 08:22 am
Ok, I am back after god knows how long. I am trying to be more active on this site, but due to the load of school work - not to mention after school activites is draining alot on my internet life. Plus my computer is in complete shambles, turns out I have a bad case of spyware and my father simply keeps putting off fixing the thing. I would fix the computer myself, but sadly I haven't got a clue how the darn things works. I keep pestering my father to tell me, but he keeps writing me off stating that he is far to busy. Anyhow, this makes things a tad bit difficult. In my American Lit Honors class, my teacher wants almost everything printed and doesn't take hand written things on any occassion. Also I joined journalism this year, just as a hobby and nothing else. Its fun, but I got admit being editor is a tough job. Not only do I have to read through many articles and select the ones I think are best, but I also have to make up for the articles that people don't bring in. Why did I sign up for this job? Well editors always gets benfits. If we are in need of interviewing a particularly famous person, or a huge story then I am the one that is choosen to do the job.
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25 August 2007 @ 02:14 pm
Title: A Hospital Visit
Author/Artist: mtakuja
Claim: Hyuuga Hinata
Theme: 02-deep fried vegetables.
Word Count: 4858
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, the story and characters belong solely to Masashi Kishimoto.
Author's notes: The story takes place right after the Sasuke retrieval arc, and it sort of disegards the beginning of the fillers.
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25 August 2007 @ 09:10 am
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23 August 2007 @ 09:41 pm
Hmm, I haven't posted anything in nearly a week, which is quite unlike me. Life is once again demanding my full attention and I can't attempt to escape it via internet, which sucks because before I could drown myself in fanfiction and be happy, but not now, the anxiety is just to much. My grandmother has been submitted to the hospital because the large hernia in her stomach is now becomming a major hindrance to her. It seems the layer of skin that is supposes to hold her guts in is now tearing and allowing her organs to spill into her stomach, which is a major problem. I am quite ashamed that we waited so long to submit her, but she simply kept refusing and saying she was fine so we thought nothing of it, what fools we all were. Now, the surgery is all done and she seems to be doing fine, but we are just awaiting to see if she can make it through the rocovery process.

Right now my nerves are practically shot, I can't help but feel constantly worried and its effecting my sleep as well. I just hope I can get myself together enough so I can attend the first day of school, which is Monday (oh I am dreading that day so much.) Summer has come to such a quick end, I can't help but feel I got nothing done. But I guess it doesn't matter, I need to get my back pack cleaned out. However, the thing is so old and worn out, I think I need to just buy a new one and be done with it (but spending what litle money I have is not appealing to me at all.)

Well, anyways, time for me to watch some tv and try to get atleast five hours of sleep. Getting even a wink of sleep is so hard, my thoughts just won't leave me alone, even the plot bunnies refuse to leave my mind. Which is just to funny, even in my depressed state the evil story bunnies still attack me, darn you Naruto and your awesomeness.
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07 August 2007 @ 09:20 pm
Well its been a while since I went down and had fun at the strip. You would think living in the city of Las Vegas would enable me to go more often, but my parents are very pensive about the strip. They told me that didn't wish for me to get hurt in anyway--since drunk men always line the streets and there are sometimes shooting, but isn't that pretty much everywhere?

Anyhow I somehow managed to convince them to let me go, so me and my older brother went out to visit the Hilton Hotel. My eyes were briefly blinded by all the lights and the noices around me--and may I add they are certainly interesting people on the strip. I happened to actually meet a transexual in the female bathroom. We talked for some time, and I couldn't help but let my eyes linger a bit to long on her/his face. I didn't mean to honestly, but I couldn't help it, I was just so curious about he/she. You see I am constantly restrained at home, so rarely do I meet people that much different from me. I am terrible at interaction (I don't have very much experience in that department) and found myself in a terrible awkward posistion when he/she caught me staring at her. But, thankfully, the person was quite humorous about the whole thing, stating that he/she was quite used to it and that he/she was born a male but turned to a female later.

The entire concept is quite confusing, but I was very enthralled by this person. And couldn't help but notice how relatively easy it was talking to he/she, and it was good to know he didn't mind talking to me either--despite me being just a little girl (compared to him/her.) Of course when I told my older brother about this after I got out of the bathroom, all he did was give me blank look and then hugged me tightly, forcefully pulling me away from the bathroom.

Appaently he doesn't like me talking to Transexuals, he's just so close minded--almost to the point of thinking that girl's shouldn't wear boxes.
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06 August 2007 @ 01:08 pm

After viewing this post and watching the two openings for the Australian dub, I nearly felt my eyeballs bleed and my ear drumbs explode. The openings are just plain horrible, even Hinata is crying in shame in my default user icon. Where the heck did they come up with such lyrics? And what is the deal with them mispronoucing Sasuke's name? I was clearly ashamed and it made me just appreciate the english dub even more. We atleast kept the opening japanese songs (the only significant change to the openings we did was just arrange a few pictures.)

And I really like the english dub, because Naruto's rough voice is made of so much win. Not only his voice, but I do believe Shikamaru's voice was done very good as well (really captures the laziness.)As for the two favorite characters: Neji sounds just like royalty--all high and mighty and seriously the boy needed to be knocked off his high horse. Now in the most recent episodes he sounds less haughty and more contemplative, which is a good change. The boy, however will never stop being hot--atleast in my opinion. As for my loveable Hinata, she sounds very soft and babyish, which I expect from her, but her voice does indeed lack the strength the japanese seiryuu ditched out during the whole v.s Neji fight.

But anyway my entire point it: The English dub isn't as bad as many people think. Actually I believe it is quite comparable to that of the Rurouni Kenshin's dub (which is very good trust me.)
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03 August 2007 @ 03:34 pm
Yes, my mother wished to get a head start on the school shopping this year (partly due to the fact that next several weeks are quite filled with doctors appointments.) I have to go in for braces next week and I am not looking forward to it at all. I told my parents that I didn't mind the way my teeth were, but they told me that by having perfect teeth people will thinking more highly of me. And again I told them, I don't care. Even as much as I said this it still didn't change their minds in the least, and sometimes I just wonder why I try to.

So anyway back to the shopping. Turns on this year my school will be having school uniforms which sucks beyond anything else. The school tried to justify it by saying uniforms will have a powerful impact on the school over-all. Kids will be less concerned about the way they look, and more concerned about their grades. Also it will help by stabilizing the difference between the rich kids and the poor kids. And as far as it goes, yes uniforms will do that by it also has its negative effects as well. The biggest one I would like to point out would be the amount of money it takes to buy several set of uniforms (differing in colors slightly so you don't look like your wearing the same thing). People like my family can't afford much, and only imagine how much money it takes when you got 2, 3 kids attending the same school.

Anyhow, when I went to buy my outfits I happened to come across a fairly cheap place. So I managed to get everything under 50 dollars, which would have turned out differently if I had gone to more popular places such as the mall and such. Things tend to cost over 100 of dollars there and I don't have that kind of money.
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28 July 2007 @ 07:56 pm
Title: Illusions
Author/Artist: mtakuja
Pairing: Oswald/Gwendolyn
Fandom: Odin Sphere
Theme: 6. The space between dream and reality written for 30_kisses
Disclaimer: I do not own Odin Sphere, nor do I claim to own any characters mention in this fic. This game belongs solely to Atlus and Vanillaware. I am not making a profit from writing this fanfic.
Summary: Constant dreams of blood shed often plague Oswald‘s sub-conscious mind. But Gwendolyn had always been there, standing in that small space between dream and reality, willing to lead him out of the darkness.
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